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English As a Second Language (ESL) Débutant A1-A2


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This course is 100% online and it covers the basics of the English language, including countries, nationalities, personal descriptions, family and friends, daily life, and time-related vocabulary. As you progress, you will also delve into more advanced topics. Get ready for an engaging journey to enhance your English language skills and communication abilities. After this training you will gain a level of A1/A2 in english learning.

For an efficient experience you should aimed for 35h in training, 20h of learning using E-Learning and daily exercise with 15h* of practice with a trained expert on video call, she will guide you and target your focus of improvement, and making sure you got the proper pronunciation. There is no pre requirement to study this course

*15h is the minimum hours recommended to practice english with a teacher. It is an additional cost, for more information and booking

Educational Goals :

  • Develop a fundamental understanding of the English language,
  • Learn to express countries and nationalities in English,
  • Describe oneself and discuss family and friends in English,
  • Explore topics related to daily life and routines,
  • Gain proficiency in discussing time and schedules in English;

Necessary material :

  • A smartphone, a tablet, or a computer,
  • An internet connexion and a web navigation system.

Acquired assessment methods :

  • Self-assessment in the form of questionnaires,
  • Exercises in the form of practical workshops,
  • Positioning questionnaire,
  • Hot evaluation.

The Program of the course :

1. The basics of english
2. Countries and nationalities
3. All about you
4. Family and Friends
5. The way I live
6. The Time in English
7. My favorites
8. Where I live
9. Times past
10. We had a great time
11. I can do it !
12. Please and Thank you
13. Here and now
14. It is time to go
15. Hello everybody
16. Meeting people
17. Let's talk about the future
18. How often do you exercise?
19. Where do you live
20. Can you speak English
21. Now and Then
22. Fanboys
23. Food you like
24. Bigger and Better
25. Looking good
26. Have you ever ?
27. Getting to know
28. The way we live
29. Life's an adventure
30. Come on, You can do it !


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